Portait Photography Locations and Information

Locations and Information

Family & Portait Photography

  • Family Portrait Photography
  • Pregnancy Photography
  • Engagement Photography
  • Any on location photo session

One hour session at our home studio or park location. 

Props for portrait photography in Sydney will be provided. 

Backdrops and Lighting.

  • Newborn Photography

The best time to photograph newborn is one to  ten days. However, we can always get beautiful images if they are over this time frame. Newborn is from one day to up to 6 weeks, however, we cannot gaurantee sleepy baby photos if they are over four weeks.

If your child is 13 weeks and over, the price of the session will change to portrait and family prices. These sessions are alot less because the session will only take an hour and can breeze through the session if the baby is settled.

Newborn photography session are usually two hour sessions. 

Props will be provided during the session at our home studio. 


  • Cake Smash Photography

One hour session at an outdoor location or at our home studio.

Some props will be provided as well as backdrop and lighting. We can also organise the balloons and cake for too.

Outdoor Photography Sessions take place at the following locations:

Home studio for newborn and up to 12months old in Warwick Farm (Liverpool)

Lawrence Hardgrave Road Warwick Farm – Preferred Park Location

Family Portrait photography is more than just taking an ordinary picture. It can actually speak for the true value of a family which can exactly foretell a story and share an impression of your family experiences to future generations. With this reason, having a family portrait should always be given a great importance as this will preserve the significant moments shared with the family members at a very precious time of your life.

GKS Photography Services is a mobile photography service provider based in Sydney. We are a team of professional family photographers based in Sydney that can absolutely make you even more beautiful in your family portrait through the aid of our modern digital cameras and the highest and innovative photo editing software’s.